This is 6DOF Robot arm assembly details. This is pretty heavy and one and a half feet long robotic hand. MG 996R high torque servo motor is used for this robotic hand assembly. We need five or six such servo motors. 


Servo Motor is Important part of Robotics, Please learn how to configure, program and controll a servo Motor, Driving Servo Motors using ServoBlaster for Raspberry Pi.

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Materials used:

  • 1 x mechanical claws

  • 5 x Servo bracket

  • 3 x long U bracket

  • 1 x L bracket

  • 2 x hard U-beams

  • 3 x cup bearing

  • 1 set x mounting screws 


Two large U-beams are connected together to make the base. This base can be attached to table or strong robotic car. On top of this base assemble the robotic hand.


Please watch this video to understand how to build the robot arm and working.





















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