Raspberry Pi GPIO Setting




Raspberry Pi is a credit card size, cost effective open source computer with GPIO. 41 GPIO pin makes Raspberry Pi a suitable choice for simple and complex embedded designs, So as Robotics. One interesting point about Pi is its open source hardware and lot of detail available online. All three version of Raspberry Pi has operating system, GPIO, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. other features are HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Display and camera for external interfaces. Please check this link to get more detail on Raspberry Pi.


















Raspberry Pi supports many flavors of Linux, Ubuntu is the preferred OS, Also it has Raspbian jessie OS, which is again designed on Ubuntu. I prefer using Raspbian OS because of compatibility and information available online. Check this link to download and install Raspbian OS on to external Memory card. For Embedded work I prefer to install without NOOBS. 


Raspberry Pi GPIO setting


Pi has 41 GPIO PINs, four PINs are power PIN, two PIN 5V and two 3.3V PIN. I don’t recommend using these power supply PIN for driving embedded Hardware like Motor or Servo Motors. For Motors and servo use external power supply. 




























To use GPIO pin as board PIN numbers(numbers in black) use below python code.









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import RPi.GPIO as GPIO



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