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Orange Pi - Installing OS




In this article I am explaning how to load OS on Orange Pi. I am using Orange Pi Lite model for this demo.


I have Installed multiple OS ( Ubuntu, Raspbian and armbian) on to Orange Pi. All these OS works fine on Orange Pi Lite. Some of these OS has some limitation so i am using armbian  for now. In this demo armbian install is shown step by step. 


All these OS comes in Image file format, so you will need a Image writer for this Install. 


List of items required for OS install 

  1. 1. 8GB micro SD card
  2. 2. Micro SD card reader
  3. 3. Key Board and mouse ( wired or wireless, Ex: Logitech Keyboard)
  4. 4. Display( can be TV)
  5. 5. HDMI cable 
  6. 6. Wi-Fi connection 
  7. 7. Win32 Disk Imager - Image writer software

​STEP 1: Select appropriate image file for your Orange Pi model from this download page.


STEP 2: Download and save it in your local drive


STEP3: Insert Micro SD/card reader in your windows machine and it should listed in your computer exampe  as E:/ or D:/  

             Please make note of the drive, its immportant that you know what drive is your Memory card. Right click on Memory

             card and click format. This will clean you memory card. ( ***Please make sure you format correct drive or else it will

             delete all other file)



















STEP4: Download Win32 Disk Imager on to your computer


STEP5: Open win32 disk Imager and slect memory card from drop down list. In my case its drive E:/  (***make sure to

              select correct drive or it will currupt your computer harddisk***)













STEP6: Select correct Image file downloaded in step 1, unarchive it first if downloaded file is zip/archived file. Use 7zip if its               highly archived file. 
















STEP7: Click on write button, it will show a warning message click OK to start writing Image to your memory card. This will                 take around 20 to 30 Minute. Once its completed you take out memory card and insert into Orange Pi board. 


STEP8: Connect HDMI cable to TV and Orange Pi. Connect a wireless keyboard or wired keyboard to Orange Pi USB and                 connect a power supply. Orange Pi should boot up with Green light blinking. 









STEP9: You can see Orange Pi booting up on TV screen, first it will prompt for username & passward. Depending on your                 OS default username & password will be different and you can find it in website link provided in step 1. For            

               Armbian Orange Pi Lite model its user name root and password 1234







STEP10: It will prompt for new password and add user, Please setup username and password. 











STEP11: After success login it will promt for reboot. Reboot machine using command reboot












STEP12: after reboot you will see armbian screen comes up.











STEP13: Now you need to connect wi-fi, select your Wi-Fi name from right top corner and provide network password to get                  connected to internet.










STEP 14: Open Xterminal from application drop-down at left top corner and run ifconfig to know your Orange Pi board IP                     address to connect your process board from remote laptop using Putty or simillar tool.












STEP 15: Run sudo apt-get upgrade comand to upgrade your machine and reboot. You are all set to use your Orange Pi.


Please let me know if you have any questions and add your comments below. Thank you for reading,


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