L293D DC Motor driver for Robotics





L293D is 16 PIN Motor Driver IC. It’s very useful in driving DC and stepper Motor for Robotic car. It can drive two motors. 


There are many Motor driver board designed using L293D available in market. If you are concerned about size and space than consider soldering L293D by yourself, Benefit you can save Money, space and avoid additional components.

Robotics and Coding Training

 This is simple PIN soldering detail as given below.


  1. Solder and join PIN 1,9,8,16 and connect to 5V power supply( Red Wire), This will drive both Motors on 5V

  2. Join PIN 4, 5, 12 and 13 to ground. Solder them all together. Connect to ground of power supply (Black wire)

  3. PIN 2 and 7 are data signal input from Raspberry PI GPIO PIN to drive Motor 1 connected to PIN 3 and 6

  4. PIN 10 and 15 are data signal from Raspberry PI GPIO PIN to drive Motor 2 connected to PIN 11 and 14



Robotic Car 4WD Chassis design 


This is simple and easy four wheel multidirectional car chassis design for robotics. Without using any additional servo Motors for right and left turn. This diagram show how to connect four Motors to one L293D Motor driver. 


As explained earlier diagram, Input1,2,3 and 4 are data input signals from Raspberry PI GPIO PIN.



In four wheel car design, main challenge is right turn and left turn. To overcome this challenge you need to make four wheels drive, use four DC motors, one for each wheel and chassis design that look similar to this. Length needs to be greater than width. Left wheels are connected to same output of Motor Driver, so they drive in one direction, same for right wheel. When left wheel turn in one direction and right wheel turn in other direction, car makes right or left turn. 


Please watch this video for more detail. 
















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